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The cat-calling, for me at least, seems to have trained me to not trust even the most genuine extensions for friendship in public.I also work at a bar (a strip club), so I'm put off of dating due to the awful requests I get from guys.If this will be your first time in Detroit, check out these places for a guaranteed good time.The best attractions near Detroit include: Detroit has recently become more of a tourist-friendly city.Oh, and did we mention the 1904-erected building is heated?Between the charcuterie selections, live music, and rotating guest chefs, every night always offers something new at this wine bar.It’s equally capable of satisfying you with shrimp Benedicts and bottomless mimosas during happy hour or wowing your date with house-made gnocchi and lobster-stuffed ravioli in the evening.

I can site examples of people coming from states south of here who come up and have some gripes about the reception they get here, but it may have no relevance to this, and if it does, I'm not looking to fire up a war of the sexes. As a female, I've never been hollered at so much while walking around a downtown area.

I haven't been in the dating scene for a while but when I was open to finding a partner I found the quality not quantity lacking around here.

Granted I'm a gay man so your experience may be different.

Detroit, Michigan, is a city undergoing major rejuvenation and growth.

This is largely due to the renovation of the bustling downtown area.

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As more ventures and enterprises seek space in the Motor City—from communal table restaurants and boutique hotels to streetcars—the reasons to come visit Detroit only grows.