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It has been studied extensively and has been reviewed by Yarwood and Schlievert [34] and Novick [35], among others.

The bacteremia, noncarriers had mortality higher than that among carriers.

has many other characteristics that help it evade the host immune system during an infection (reviewed by Foster [16]).Although methicillin-resistant pathogenesis is reviewed before the discussion of the pathogenesis of MRSA, because MRSA virulence factors are generally not unique to MRSA.Nonetheless, certain MRSA strains appear to contain particular factors or genetic backgrounds that enhance their virulence or enable them to cause particular clinical syndromes., and 30% are intermittently colonized.The MSCRAMM protein A binds the Fc portion of immunoglobulin [31] and, as a result, may prevent opsonization.may also secrete chemotaxis inhibitory protein of staphylococci or the extracellular adherence protein, which interfere with neutrophil extravasation and chemotaxis to the site of infection (reviewed by Foster [16]).

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