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Mongol dating

This horn bow could be classified as a post-conquest design from early 14th century AD Mongolia.

In this article, I will describe, step-by-step, the gathering and processing of materials, and the construction of this design of horn bow.

The most common variation was the recurve bow, in which the limbs bend away from archer in an unstrung position.

The concept of a composite horn bow exists in many variations from a diversity of cultures through the millennia.In that collection, the metal pitchers are of middle-eastern design; we know that such objects were well known in contemporary Tang China, where imitations of their shape were made in ceramic. One of the most important successor states to the Turks was that of the Uighurs, whose capital in the 8th and early 9th centuries was on the Orhon River in Mongolia, not far from the location where later the capital of the Mongol Empire would be established at Karakorum. For these mechanical characteristics to function properly, composite bows must be constructed with two elements in mind: the working flexible limbs and the static recurves (Kooi 1994).Self bows require long limbs, as shorter limbs would break.

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The materials provide the ability for the limbs to quickly retract once released back into their starting position, providing additional arrow speed at a smaller draw weight than a self bow.