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Update Disk Part Numbers (9x7): 1) Level A - 000.043.2 (previously 000.043.2) – Updates Standard Production Status to Model Level A 2) Level B - 000.043.2 - Updates Level A to Level B 3) Phone - 000.043.2 - Updates Motorola phone module, if installed.

4) Level C - 000.044.901.40 - Updates Navigation Module, after Level B is installed, to Level C.

There are 4 levels of PCM software version: 04035xxx – Standard Production Status (Up to Week #42, 2004) 04202xxx – Model Level A (from Week 42, 2004 to Week 16, 2005) 05024xxx – Model Level B (from Week 16, 2005 to Week 22, 2006) 05395xxx – Model Level C (from Week 22, 2006 onwards) There are several early versions of the Bose amplifier, and it has been found (the hard way) that updating these using the Level A update CD can cause the amplifier to fail completely, and require replacement.

If Actual Amplifier Version is of these early amplifiers can be updated using a PIWIS tester, but others require replacement.

TMC was available in Germany and Europe from introduction , but only in the UK when using the 2005 or later map DVD.

There is no ongoing subscription as the feature is priced into the original cost of the disc.

I would suggest contacting a Porsche Centre to determine this.

Harmann Becker were their chosen supplier and to be honest , being German tend to be somewhat blinkered in terms of their approach to the design of the system.

c) If PCM is version 05024xxx then only apply Level C update.

d) If PCM is version 05395xxx then no updates are required, just insert the map disk.

All cars had the facility for the logbook unless its and early PCM 2.0 rather than 2.1 as these didnt have the infra red comms port required for the logbook download.

This is a cost option coded by the dealer using a security code in the PWIS workshop tool.

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Required Updates: a) If PCM is version 04035xxx then apply updates in this order: Level A, Level B, Phone, and Level C.

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