Lost interest dating

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Lost interest dating

Get educated on what to look for in your man to determine whether he is thinking about straying or breaking off your relationship.

Typically, a man who is losing interest stops calling you or doesn't call as much.

If he says anything about that new dress, it may be critical.

In addition, that sweet little thing he used to do that made you melt will probably be nonexistent.

Give yourself a deadline by which you’ll move on because you’re not the kind of woman who waits around for a guy who doesn’t appreciate what he had. That’s just going to make you feel bad and what he’s doing isn’t your fault.

Try to remember all that makes you amazing and don’t let your self-worth depend on anyone else. While you’re nurturing the flames of your life, there could be a great way to recharge your relationship: find a shared interest you both love and that would energize your relationship.

Your life is more important, so get out there and keep doing your thing instead of staring at your phone all day. Your initial idea might be to try to get closer to him, but honestly, that could push him further away.

If he’s pulling away, it means he needs a bit of space, so go ahead and give him what he wants.

You might have forgotten about what you wanted and just gone with the flow, so now’s the time to focus on you. Those things you used to put up with, like his sarcastic comments or texts to his ex, might now seem like giant snarling dogs you can’t ignore.

He may not even notice or care if you get a new haircut, buy a new dress or amp up your workout plan.

In addition, he will usually stop doing nice things for you or even paying you compliments.

He stops calling or texting you so much and when he does, he never has much to say.

He’s always busy and when you do hang out, he’s always making excuses to go home early.

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He may also stop returning your phone calls, emails or texts.

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