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That’s right – it may take American girls months to “become exclusive”, but it takes them DAYS to start planning the wedding.

Apparently, it has something to do with “making her wait.” Please don’t ask me what you are supposed to do in these four days – Date other girls? Eat pizza and imagine her having sex with somebody else? Plus, let’s be honest – I’m French, I never wait four days. Oh, and if this fruitless prognosis wasn’t enough, here’s another kicker: The second date also demands your CREATIVITY.So when a girl you have installed a sex swing in your house for suddenly asks if the two of you are exclusive, you can’t help but feel utterly confused. And so, you have The Talk, in which it is established that she will now refer to you as her boyfriend and refrain from sleeping with other dudes.To any man who intends to expedite The Talk, do yourself a favor and hold off on that urge. She is officially allowed to get started on the The Plan, which includes vacations, parental introductions, holiday plans, move-in schedules, engagement deadlines and, possibly, a wedding date.They’ll always be some communication issues, partly because of the words/tenses and partly because things are just communicated differently.That said, it’s the most amount of fun to learn the idiosyncrasies of the French through how and what they choose to communicate.

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That’s right – you can’t just take a girl to dinner, that would be far too boring!

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