Kim ha neul kang ji hwan dating positive effects of interracial dating

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Kim ha neul kang ji hwan dating

I just stumbled on this site looking for another Korean actress. 미안 사촌 이야 :) i'm a senior citizen from the philippines.i am one of your countless have one of the most beautiful faces among korean dressed good in acting and theres a bonus you are a catholic just like me.i watched your video with the other catholic celebrities"koinonia".i commend you for your effort inspite of your busy schedule you still find time to do this noble act.hurray to all catholic celebrities in korea I really like kim ha neu'sl acting especially in A Gentleman's Dignity. she's done well throught out her acting career and have been impressive too. But anyway I will not say anything more about my family. my ideal woman is strong, smart, funny,independent, sexy, down to earth, cutest woman ive ever seen, long hair, caring, can cook, tall, have great smile, cute eyes and laugh. i really love a man's dignity im hoping u have a part twoo OMG! i think it's refreshing to see someone with her looks. I know most of you will think I'm lying but I don't care as I know whats true and whats not. i will look forward for her next project whether in a movie or drama series. for all the fantastic movies and inspiring drama series you done. Though I haven't seen her in any other movies/dramas, I hope to enjoy her very talented work in other films soon. omg her beauty was so amazing she so very talented keep it uppp! She possessed not only with beauty and grace but with talent as well. is it because her face is not small like all other idols these days. a lot of korean actress these days has small faces, and kim ha neul is one of the few faces i see who has this rounder face. I did not know my cousin was this popular in the US or the west. i was impress in all the role she portrayed/played. all the drama series as well the movies she had was inspiring and very entertaining. i love kim ha neul i have a copies of my gf is an agent my tutor frend the last one was a man's dignity. Im looking forward to watch her bit hot movie My Girlfriend Is an Agent with Kang Ji Hwan.  why do people always have something against her looks?She first started her career as model for the clothing company STORM and then caught the eyes of many by appearing in the music video for "To Heaven" by Jo Seong-mo (조성모). I'm done watching Gentlemen's dignity and Road Number one. And they ever got in a movie together, YOU'RE MY PET. She is a good actress but why she always got a bad movie especially you pet, its so terrible!!! I can't believe i thougt she was the best actress in romantic comedies.

The chemistry between Kim Ha Neul and Jang Dong Gun were really awesome!! She is really hot, and her and jang dong gun could be a great, and hot couple! i'm rooting for this girl all the way How can an actress get worse in time.

As of June 16th, 2009 "My Girlfriend is an Agent" has sold over 4 million tickets in South Korea and became the biggest hit yet for the talented actress. I love watching you at 2d 1n also 3meals a day,, Love your competitiveness,versitility,your laugh makes me crazy yet inspires me and stress relieve. Still waiting for her to be on Running Man : D WOW!!!

I first saw Kim Haneul in Ditto (2000) and became an instant fan. I love everything about you good or your one of a kind although there's a language barrier ... I want to see her laughing and being funny again like Too Beautiful To Lie or My Tutor Friend.

Kim Ha Neul has indicated that she plans to continue her acting career after marriage so once again a big congrats to the happy couple!

Kang Ha-neul was in Hong Kong and Singapore to promote the movie “Midnight Runners” with director Kim Joo-hwan-I.

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