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A Mafia buy out of Papa Byrd's karate school downtown ends in his death. The ransom for the abduction was the secret for a terrific new weapon - the freeze bomb - but the 'Warlock' ...Byrd's daughter, Sydney, refuses to sell, and wants revenge. See full summary » The Pig has a plan to eradicate some people with a freeze bomb that instantly freezes people to death.Things take a turn for the worse, when she is found dead in his apartment.It turns out she was killed by the local mob, which is trying to frame him for the crime.With the police after him, he calls on some of his old acquaintances to help clear his name and avenge the woman's death. Rockne Tarkington who plays Tank, was originally cast to play Williams in "Enter The Dragon ",however the part ultimately went to Jim Kelly and jump started his career.See more » one of the few black films overlooked by the same studios that were saved by these so called blackploitation genre title,the only thing exploited were the actors who were not paid the money they of action,and dramatic late great miss cash should have won an Oscar for performance for her dual role in this film.This pair of thieves, who operate in the American ...

His wife and son indicated they would establish the Calvin Lockhart Scholarship Fund for Bahamian students interested in acting and movie production.

Joanna was directed by Michael Sarne, who subsequently cast Lockhart in the notorious Myra Breckinridge.

Lockhart's first lead role in a film was in Halls of Anger (1970), playing a former basketball star who becomes vice-principal of an inner-city high school to which 60 white students are being moved.

Lockhart character's name in the 1975 film Let's Do It Again, Biggie Smalls, was used by musical artist Christopher Wallace for his 1991 demo, and was still used by media and friends after a lawsuit forced Wallace to change it to Notorious B.

Dean was powerless against the awesome sight of katrin's body, and gave into the demands of his burning desire and stiffening cock.

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Duke Johnson visits a small Southern town, intent on burying his brother. The statue itself is not worth much, the needles inside it are the true prize. See full summary » Sunset Boulevard is a lucrative place to work for the Black Baron, a pimp with a distinctive red and yellow Rolls Royce and plenty of girls on his books. See full summary » Heads roll as two cops, Chuck and Andy, go against Mr.