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You’ve even been smart enough to store away some half-naked or fully naked shots (with or without your face, depending on your preference) for when you’re asked to send a dirty pic and you’re wearing sweats.

While sexting might be the digital age’s form of tantric discussion, the seemingly ancient form of phone sex might seem out-of-date.

Plus, opting for phone sex over an IRL experience can be a great way to mix things up for long-term partners. Imagine you're telling your partner a sexy bedtime story and you want to make it as vivid as possible.” –Ashley M." data-reactid="91"Stray from reality.

As phone-sex operator Jenny Ainslie-Turner says, phone sex is less about quick exchanges and more about a total-body experience.“People think it's just talking dirty on the phone,” Turner tells Refinery29. " – Ashley M." data-reactid="71"Practice in your car. “One of the coolest things about phone sex is that everything is happening in the realm of imagination, so anything is possible.

But it’s not." data-reactid="31"So, you’ve mastered the art of clever sexting exchanges.

When they see that you remember what they asked for, it echoes back to the call, and the thought of you getting ready to please them.” – Kathleen K." data-reactid="233"Talk about something you’ll actually do later.” –Ashley M." data-reactid="173"Read an erotic story.“One thing I like to do to warm up is read an erotic story out loud to my partner.It might be super hot to call your partner a ‘naughty piglet,’ but they might hear that and get really upset or offended.Create a yes/no/maybe list of adjectives, verbs, and nicknames that are big turn-ons, and another that are big turn-offs, and a middle list that’s more neutral.

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Since you’re on the phone, you can’t really tell the difference between making something up and reading, and it gets you used to saying dirty things without actually having to come up with them yourself.