Ibs dating sites

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Ibs dating sites

Gutsy Dating was launched on the app stores in November 2017, however we didn’t officially launch in the UK until June 2018. We hope to have an official launch in the USA very soon. Not to mention the stresses that dating itself brings.

Please read this introduction before going to the dating site. my name is Justin and I'm an IBS sufferer.

There was so much talk about this and how much of a good idea it was that concerns were negated by the community themselves.

If people were struggling on regular dating apps then it was clear that there had to be an alternative.

I began to join IBS & Fibromyalgia support groups on social media about three or four years ago.

A recurring topic was getting the most interaction. Stories of people dating, horrific dating stories, people who are just too afraid to date and people with partners who didn’t understand their condition, to the extent that some people were being, for the want of a better word, dumped.

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People often don't realize the challenges that come with IBS, Crohns, Celiacs, etc. We know the toll it takes on our jobs, friendships, and more importantly our dating lives.

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