Husband humiliation cuckolding and dating

Posted by / 03-Oct-2019 03:54

Husband humiliation cuckolding and dating

As we mature, we are told to repress this behavior in favor of what our society tells us is acceptable social behavior.

This process of socially ranking each other continues to happen subconsciously at least for all of us.

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Humiliation is part of cuckolding because it is a form of power exchange.

Those of us aware of this dynamic have more to work with. I say that because most people would rather follow than lead.

The problem with this for males is it flies in the face of societal expectation.

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We are all on that line somewhere, but where we are can shift depending on how we perceive (the social ranking of) those we interact with.

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Some husbands will fight the idea they are anything less than the ‘alpha male’ simply because they can’t handle the conflict internally of not being the ‘alpha male’.

This results in things like husbands who claim they are ‘dom cuckolds’ who want the experience of sharing their wives from a position of non-authority, but want to avoid anything that might challenge their ego as an alpha male.

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