Holidays predating christmas cher lloyd dating aiden

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Holidays predating christmas

Though many Christians date Christ’s birth as the end of the "Before Christ" or BC era, most believe Christ’s birth can actually be dated to 4 BC.This is a bit ironic, since the Christian era is thought to begin with the birth of Christ, but actually begins later.However in Iceland, the old Norse calendar was in use by the first settlers to Iceland in the 9th century and it divided the year into only two seasons, vetur (winter) and (sumar) summer.The first day of summer was traditionally celebrated on the first day of Harpa, the first of the six summer months.While it is unclear whether the Norse considered the first day of Summer or the first day of Winter to be the start of the year, it is likely that the date in April was the start of the year.This would link with similar traditions of April being the start of the year in other parts of Europe.

Though most see Jolly Old England as the source for many modern Christmas traditions, England actually banned celebration from 1647 - 1660 in an effort to free the holiday of what was viewed as its pagan trappings and the excess and corruption of the Roman Catholic Church. England reinstated Christmas as a celebratory holiday, though tensions still ran high between the Anglican and the Roman Catholic Church.This day has been a national holiday in Iceland since 1971.The video below is from Iceland Close-Up and shows the celebrations that take place to mark the first day of summer.Actually, many traditions are based in Germanic pagan rituals predating Christianity.Many consider Thor to be a frontrunner as an early Santa Claus figure, and the Christmas tree was once a sacrificial tree to the gods, hung brightly with dead animals.

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