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Default, ] List of constraint violations:[ Constraint Violation Impl ] Both solution actually work i had a second error because of what is discussed in that topic : Spring data rest one to many cascade all .I just had to add @Json Managed Reference and @Json Back Reference because i had marshalling problem on the reference of version when i tried to update my Hyper Parameters in cascade.Instead of two tables, we now have three tables, so we are using more storage than necessary.Instead of only one Foreign Key, we now have two of them.NONSTRICT_READ_WRITE) public class Hyper Parameter implements Serializable I update a json and try a put with it .I change the value of the field parametervalue from 2 to 3 . Transaction System Exception: Could not commit JPA transaction; nested exception is javax.persistence.This way, Hibernate inserts the child records first without the Foreign Key since the child entity does not store this information.During the collection handling phase, the Foreign Key column is updated accordingly.

EAGER ) @Join Table( join Columns = , inverse Join Columns = ) private [email protected] public class Attribute implements IAttribute Support { @Id @Generated Value(strategy = Generation Type.

Rollback Exception: Error while committing the transaction at org.jpa.

Jpa Transaction Commit(Jpa Transaction Manager.java:526) [] t org.hibernate.internal.

What’s nice about using a query is that you can paginate it any way you like so that, if the number of child entities grows with time, the application performance is not going to be affected.

@Entity public class Location { @Id @Generated Value(strategy = Generation Type.

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I have an API which should update the list of accounts with clients. I configured @One To Many as indicated for proper update: What I want to do on the data presented.

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