Gretchen rossi dating 2016

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Gretchen rossi dating 2016

By the reaction on all our faces, no one could have anticipated what Ricky was going to say when asked if he knew if Eddie was gay (which I only asked him because I knew he had been best friends with Tamra for 13 plus years and if anyone he might know).” I’m sorry, but Gretchen is so thirsty!I really would like to have her back just because RHOC is desperate for drama but that whole display last night was disgusting.Anyway, congrats to the happy couple, and welcome to the world, Skylar!Gretchen Rossi was born on 30th October the year 1978.There are also distinct differences in her before and after pictures which can only be an effect of cosmetic surgery.She said that she had Botox injections to keep off wrinkles from her face as well as maintain her smooth and youthful appearance.She is an actress who expanded her popularity because of the famous TV series known as The Real Housewives of Orange County.She is also known having won the A-List Award and also the New Now Next Awards.

However, her lips appear to be fuller than they used to be in her recent pictures.

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Rossi is also speculated of having veneers in her teeth.

She seemed to have had teeth discoloration in the past, but in her recent pictures, we see Rossi with whiter and spacious teeth than they used to be.

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Her face also still looks more natural even at the age of 38, and this is clear evidence that she is using Botox to keep off wrinkles.

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