Ginisang upo with dating

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Ginisang upo with dating

This is a great video which so clearly explains how to make a great tarka daal! Caramelized vegetables make a great addition to any dish.

In this how to video Chef Paul demonstrates the caramelization process of certain vegetables.

It is an Indian vegetarian dish and is taught to us by Karishma P. They are 2 pounds of fresh okra (not frozen), 2 medium onions, half a lemon, cumin, turmeric, chili powder, and Garam Masala.

Karishma goes through the steps very clearly on how to make this dish. Tindora is a green vegetable which is popular in many parts of India and is known by many names (ivy gourd, kovakai, tondli, giloda…just to name a few).

Rita shows you how to prepare, roast and store red peppers for up to a year in your freezer.

These peppers are great for pizza or pasta with their sweet taste and great red color. This video teaches us how to make Dry Spicy Okra Recipe (Sukhi Bhindi).

Follow the provided guidelines or add a few delicious changes to suit your taste.

In this tutorial, we learn how to cook your green beans so they keep their color.

Forget the Indian take out tonight, watch this how to video and learn how to make a delicious Indian dish.

Pickling jalapeño peppers, Anaheims, bell peppers really, any pepper is good for pickling.

This how to video shows you an easy pickling recipe that requires very little time and won't keep you in the kitchen canning all day. They are sweet like onions when they are cooked, but unlike onions make your eyes water when you cut them, they have long straight white stalks with tough green leaves.

It will keep the color a beautiful green and not mix in any other colors. It takes a variety of different veggies (cucumbers, bell peppers, cabbage, onions) and you basically cook it to look almost like a liquid mixture, but it can be it's really fine.

To start, put enough water to cover the green beans in a saute pan and then heat it up, put in the green beans and as you cook them add in ice cubes. If you're lived in the South, you may already know this next dish. It's actually a great tasting dish that goes well with many meals and is something that you should try today. Roasted red peppers are easy to store with this recipe treat from Rita Heikenfeld.

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