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In June 2012, Lucy, along with uncle Ray Krebbs, attends her cousin Christopher's wedding to Rebecca Sutter in the 2012 TNT revival 2-hour premiere.In the new series' fourth episode, "The Last Hurrah", she and Ray attend Bobby's final family barbecue, which at the time is thought to be the last time they will ever step on Southfork Ranch while it is Ewing-owned.While there she joked with Christopher about his past wedding with Pamela, then she discusses with Ray about John Ross being late for his own wedding.

Supposedly, the death was caused only by Sue Ellen's DUI. R.'s car when Mickey Trotter invaded the car to try to stop her. Mitch and Lucy got back together and remarried in 1985. However, their second marriage collapsed due to Mitch's work overload, and she decided to split while visiting Dallas.Lucy is briefly mentioned in the series finale, where it is revealed that in a life without her scheming and power-hungry uncle J. She is also briefly mentioned in the 1996 television movie Dallas: J. Returns, but appears in neither the last episode nor the reunion film.The modern Lucy has an earthy, larger-than-life quality the new series serves up in savoring limited quantity.Lucy then went on to do three series of the ITV drama Footballers' Wives where he played Kyle Pascoe, a football player for fictional club Earl's Park.This gave him an even higher profile with the British public, partly due to the role and partly due to his offset tabloid escapades.

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Soon enough Ray and her had an affair and Lucy was ditching school. When the show started, she was the show's teenaged troublemaking, confused vixen and involved with Ray Krebbs, who would later turn out to be her uncle no less.