Fractionation as in dating online dating inception

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…and it’s going to be quicker than you can ever imagine.

If you want to know how to hypnotize someone into falling in love with you, then this is it.

Before you get deep into Fractionation I really do recommend you do this – Attend Derek Rake’s Online Masterclass that’ll give you the fundamentals of using Mind Control techniques to seduce any woman.

If anything, by invoking her past experience with you, you will get her to miss you badly… And yes, it will work even though she has somewhat become emotionally unavailable. Before heading off to use all you’ve learned about Fractionation on a special someone who you need to seduce, remember this: Fractionation does have one downside, and it’s this…And this is the gist of the Sonic Seduction fractionation philosophy that we propagate here at Seduction FAQ..After all, this is the area in one’s love life where women have ruled men through domination all the way back in history.They take you through a full cycle of within their plot, story line or lyrics. the easiest method (by far) to take any woman on an emotional coaster ride is… Here’s your first step to Fractionate any woman: Get her to recall and describe some incident from her past that made her feel get her to describe that happy incident in as much detail and as clearly as you can.And here’s what happens when women ride that emotional roller coaster: In their mind they automatically ASSUME they have a real, emotional connection not only to the story, but also to the storyteller… The aim is to have her actually relive the experience – you want her to start feeling those happy emotions right now.

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