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Flavor flav dating

Flavor Flav (often referred to as "Flav") came to prominence as a founding member and hype man of the rap group Public Enemy.

In 1984, the group released "Public Enemy #1", which brought them to the attention of Def Jam Records executive Rick Rubin.

(Flavor Flav) was initially involved in a relationship with Beverly Johnson. (Flavor Flav) is an American musician, rapper, comedian and television personality.

Additionally, he had three children with Angie Parker. William has also dated William Jonathan Drayton Jr.

At present, there are no rumors concerning his life and career.

William had a salary of ,000 for ‘The Surreal Life’, ,000 for Strange Love’ and 0,000 for ‘Flavor of Love’.In 2006, Flav put out his first solo album, titled Flavor Flav.It was released during the second season of the reality TV dating show Flavor of Love.By the time the political single "Fight the Power" was released in 1989, the group had become mainstream superstars.Along with Chuck D, the showman of the group and its promotional voice, Flav stood out among the members of Public Enemy as he often got the fans excited, appearing on stage and in public wearing big hats and glasses, and a large clock dangling from his neck.

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The first released track on which Flav rapped solo was "Life of a Nigerian" on Goat Ju JU, although the first hit on which he rapped solo would not come until the 1990 single "911 Is a Joke".

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