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Playing video games is not necessarily a solitary activity; teens frequently play video games with others.

But even as social media connects teens to friends’ feelings and experiences, the sharing that occurs on these platforms can have negative consequences. Teens can learn about events and activities to which they weren’t invited, and the highly curated lives of teens’ social media connections can lead them to make negative comparisons with their own lives: Teens face challenges trying to construct an appropriate and authentic online persona for multiple audiences, including adults and peers.The problem with online friendship is that when things go wrong, we split.When I say something that makes you uncomfortable, or when you offend me, we’ll go our separate ways more often than not. And this, incidentally, is why the Internet makes for a pretty lousy matchmaker between friends.Sure, we used to do pen pals and long-distance relationships, but we’ve never had a 24/7 shared connection as is now available to us, thanks to the web. Because I know what you ate for breakfast or what TV show you watched last night, I feel like I you. Because it’s easy to ignore people online, to play passive-aggressive and give the cold shoulder. It’s easier to write off online relationships than offline ones. What if we pressed into the mess of relationship and got to know each other, warts and all? I’m not talking about another ridiculous network or campaign. Something odd happens with this heightened level of intimacy without commitment. We are connected to each other — and sometimes not always superficially. As a result, we feel like we really understand each other. But the problem comes when one of us says something to get on the other’s nerves.

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