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They’ve been together for at least twenty-nine decades.What’s more, the superb couple was enjoying a blissful wedded life and there’s absolutely not any indication of divorce anytime soon.She began her journalism career in 1990 as a BBC correspondent for World Service radio in Zimbabwe.The Wonderful journalist covered the race involving former President Obama and Hillary Clinton in Addition to Obama and Mc Cain.Following her divorce, she tied the knot to another renown musician Eric Benet.

From her marriage with the musician Prince, she owned several valuable items of worth 5,000.

The two walked down the aisle on 31 July 2011 and since their wedding day, the couple is leading a blissful conjugal life.

The pair share two adorable baby daughters; Lucia Bella Benet born on 21st December 2011 and Amoura Luna Benet born in July 2014.

She spent most of her youth days where her dad was submitted to a diplomat traveling throughout the states.

Katty graduated from Oxford University where she studied languages and is fluent in Italian and French languages.

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Following her graduation, Katty Kay temporarily worked as a banker in the Bank of England until she transferred to Zimbabwe where she worked for an aid agency. Later in 1990, she began working as a BBC correspondent for World Service radio Zimbabwe and two decades after, she returned to London until she was submitted to Tokyo for BBC television.

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