Epo disable global updating

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Epo disable global updating

So, my question is, if global updating should automatically replicate the superagent repository or do I always have to create replication tasks?Why are my client are not updating, even global updating is activated?I use the "enable global updating" option in e Policy.With this enabled, the entire process is automatic.You could always create the tasks within e PO and set it to take precedence over local tasks.On the Tasks tab right click and select "schedule task", give your new task aname then select "e Policy Orhcestrator Agent Update" Click Ok.

Policies covering each layer of malicious threat protection¿including updating frequency, personal firewall settings, vulnerability scans, file types to be scanned, even anti-spam and detailed content filtering¿can be set per machine or per group and are entirely customisable by the administrator.I then checked in the custom package into e PO and deployed it to the client PCs.I don't know if there is a way to configure the settings to existing clients other than doing each one manually.Ranging from one-page executive security summaries to detailed information on virus activity, desktop firewall policy, system vulnerabilities, and spam and content-filtering policies, e PO offers administrators graphical data of the information they need.After the agent is upgraded to version 3.1 it will not update the dat files for VS7.

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Are you referring to the Auto Update task that appears in the Virus Scan Console at the PC itself?