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This post is to provide customers with a list for the top things to look out for within Enterprise Vault.

Top 7 (and a bit) places to look for when completing daily EV checks for Exchange Archiving (and common solutions!

Please remove the attributes System or Hidden or Compressed or Encrypted on the installation folder.

Below is the step by step guide on how to remove the properties for a folder.

If the number of items being archived are not reaching the expected level, ensure that items are not stuck in the MSMQ queues (as later discussed) or consider targeting more message classes such as calendar appointments or targeting the deleted items folder in order to reclaim more space from Exchange.

And we are sorry we can’t cover every scenario here, but aside from there being so many variations of issues each issue will have to be resolved on a case-by-case basis.This number should drop to 0 every time a successful backup is run.The usage page can also be drilled into to display item information per archive, which can be useful to ensure that mailboxes are being archived and to monitor troublesome mailboxes.Size Space shortage on disk is quite an obvious issue to resolve (add more space!) However, it is sometimes the case when this cannot be completed.

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This blog post helps resolve common configuration issues with the Microsoft Cloud Backup Solution, Azure Backup.

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