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But I don’t look bad for an old bird," Denise said.

"I’m proud of how I look at 60 and I’m not trying to look 30. So if I’m still getting my kit off at 90, so be it.

Healy and bandmates Adam Hann, Ross Mac Donald and George Daniel formed the band while they attended Wilmslow High School in Cheshire.

The band accredits Michael Jackson, My Bloody Valentine and Talking Heads as some of their musical influences.

Whilst many of us are already diving into our cosy warmer clothes on these cold mornings (goodbye, summer!

But when I'm near enough to be able to pop up and do a show, and then get back for the show that evening, then absolutely," she replied when asked if she'll be going back to the show.

"It felt weird at first, because of course it's not at ITV building anymore – it's at the old BBC building in White City," Denise said.

"So that felt a bit weird, but by the time I was in the meeting room and then stood backstage, it was honestly like five years had just disintegrated.

Matthew Healy, 29, was born in London on 8 April 1989.

He's the lead singer and guitarist of the multi-award-winning band, The 1975.

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Jimmy Savile knew where the bodies were buried and that's why there was a massive cover-up. Jimmy Savile was not even very good at what he did, as far as I'm concerned, he was a sleazy creep in a tracksuit, so why did they keep giving him all these jobs all the time?

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