Ddeangelo doubleyourdating dating when lonely

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Sure, he's going to get some refunds, but he'll also boost sales dramatically.A final thought: Lots of people think that customizing your message to your audience is everything. They aren’t particularly attractive, rich, or famous. Take David De Angelo (who's real name is actually Eben Pagan).

My question is this: do you believe your program can aid me in turning her around on this? I contacted some women before I got there via e-mail and slept with 2 of them on first dates, and made out with another seriously on the 2nd date..more now...My essays on leadership and scaling growth companies have been published in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Inc, and Tech Crunch.I don't update this blog regularly anymore, but feel free to connect with me on Linked In if we can help each other. I have no idea if this will actually help you "double your dating." But one thing's for sure: there's definitely a huge market for it. And yet, they manage to date the most astonishing group of women: supermodels, actresses, you name it. De Angelo is the founder of a program called “Double Your Dating.” If you visit the website, you’ll see a whole host of information products – ebooks, DVDs, and even seminars and workshops.

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Don't get me wrong – this is really important – but what's even more crucial is following these few key principals.