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It went on all night, and I was the only person there who didn't speak spanish. I'm pretty flexible and open minded, no major hang-ups, but holy crap, this was like just a big family get-together, but there were definitely moments that made Girls Gone Wild look G Rated. Well after the event a select few went out to a local club in an upscale part of town and the VP was so drunk and dancing on tables by the end of the night that the RCMP (royal canadian mounted police usually escort diplomats, politicians etc) had to escort him out of the club since they could no longer protect him he was out of control. Colombians party hard and drink heavily, and it is not just the young people EVERYONE does.So my questions is, if you have experience with Latino (specifically South American) life, can you tell me if this is pretty much normal behavior? Not sure about all the lewd behaviour but if there is going to be loud music, drugs and alcohol the rest is a given. I think to come up with any at all, you'd have to know the socioeconomic status of the person in question as well as how assimilated they are into US culture. There aren't really any generalizations I can draw.

When people hear the term bisexual they immediately assume promiscuity, or an inability to commit, or they assume my orientation has something to do with my marriage failing. It always seemed as arbitrary to me as only dating people of a certain skin color or ethnicity. Me and this other guy were the only two non-straight people at the party.It depends, if they have family near then people usually get together. Most of the people I know that date Colombian girls get hang up on them big time and can't let go. It’s actually even more complicated than I originally explained.The fact is that, umm, the “girl” is actually a “guy,” which adds a whole other dynamic to things.In the last couple of years for example I took a kayaking class, japanese language class, joined a badminton club and this year I'm taking a tennis class and also going to various business seminars and jazz music events.So far I'm no nearer bumping into any single females in any of these activities.

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