Datingredheads com

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Datingredheads com

People see them when they walk into a room, exuding confidence that can only come from the energy their hair is giving off.

If someone’s dying her hair red to fit into some kind of sex-bomb persona, odds are she’s going to be more sexually active, right?Redheads possess this unnaturally ambient glow around them and people's eyes follow them as they move through a room.After years of torture in grade school, redheads finally get the chance to thrive in the real world.I’m pretty sure women with red hair aren’t naturally more sexual.It’s more likely that red-haired women are accustomed to being thought of sexually, and are therefore more able to relax in the bedroom. Fisher pointed out in our conversation last month, red-haired women might get more attention in bed because red hair is rare and prized (hey, don’t hate the player, hate the game).

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