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Just like in real life, “like-minded people are probably going to spend time in places they like,” Chan said.

Cobden’s advice is simple: “If you aren’t calling that person your boyfriend in real life, or if you aren’t introducing them to your friends as your boyfriend, do not change your status.”Chan believes that any status change should be approached with extreme caution.“I think any time you put some sort of a title on a relationship or use words like ‘I love you,’ they come with a commitment and a promise. She points out that many couples — even married ones — leave their relationship statuses blank.“People put so much meaning on these things that are so trivial and I think what people need to do is look at the root of what that insecurity is,” she said.It’s a big f**k-you statement.”But once you’re ready to open up your heart and begin dating again, Cobden recommends doing a “purge” — removing exes from your Facebook friends, Instagram feed, and even your cellphone contacts.“Hope is the first thing to enter a relationship and the last thing to leave.Holding on to all these little things can hold you back,” she [email protected]/bethanylindsay===Click here to report a typo or visit We'd like to hear from you about this or any other stories you think we should know about.Without that conversation, Facebook can become a big problem for some couples.It allows insecure people to track every photo their partners are liking, every public comment they make, every friend they’ve ever had.“There’s now this whole other universe of ways to be extremely jealous,” Chan said.“Now you can see (who) your boyfriend is interacting with at all times.

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The charming creep who memorized her writing represents the dark side of the social media age, but there are brighter bits as well.

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