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6" Zildjian K splash I'm looking at a 22" dark K ride, a 16" K dark thin crash, and possibly an 18" K of some descript to go along with that, maybe even a crash ride.

I play everything from hard rock to funk/folk/fusion/alternative (let's just say "rock").

Personally, I don't consider K's an upgrade to a A, they are just a different cymbal that is more expensive. Whether or not it's a good thing, Zildijian's inconsistency has pushed me away from their cymbals because I mostly order cymbals these days.

If I find a good sounding but overpriced K in a shop, I can't order a similar cymbal and know it will sound as good.

To say they are very different, or noticeably different is so gross exaggeration IMO. I haven't gone through any Zildjian vaults since about 2008, so I can't say what the current crop of K's sound like.Better is subjective, but my EAK's have more character, and are also (subjectively) richer and sweeter than my standard 90's K's.I've honestly mixed post 2000 K's with my 90's K's many times and they sound very similar to me.I always have the "image" of K's being a 'jazz cymbal' which is not to say you can't use them for Rock, but that kind of metaphor might give you an idea of what 'direction' the sound is going.I would not think of them as an "upgrade" - more like a crossgrade to a different "flavor".

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As a result, I have starting gravitating toward Paiste, because their cymbals are more consistent.