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Dating tips indians

Also, I'm sorry if this is hurtful, but you've exemplified another attribute of male socialization here- that men's opinions and feelings must be centered and have a place in women's spaces and in their decisions about their personal lives.

A lot of desi men's anger about women choosing a partner outside of our race also comes from their indignation that their feelings were not considered during that process.

They are emasculated and seen as predatory or feminine, depending on which way the stereotype is being pushed.

So when you're constantly fed these messages, especially in the media, its easy to see the high percentage of Indian women dating out as part of this problem.

It stems from Indian men being raised in patriarchal households that teach them that women are their property.

These dudes also reference brown women as "our women", if you've noticed.

EDIT: I hope you know I'm referring more to relationships that come about unexpectedly. Not every relationship is planned or done through dating apps. To be clear, I do not condone harassment or ownership of Indian women nor claims that dating non-Indians suddenly means that Indian women are self hating.

In your place, I wouldn't normally comment or participate in a sub primarily for a traditionally oppressed/silenced group(women in our communities).I've posted about this on the ABCD sub in the past but it got deleted so I thought maybe since this is a girls sub it's easier to talk about this.I see a lot of Indian guys get pissed when they see Indian girls with non Indian guys.To the extent that there is anger (never seen any IRL), I would attribute it to displaced anger at our cultural standing in the West, unless I had reason to believe otherwise.That said, I think this is a complicated issue because in the west, Indian men (and Asian men as a whole) are stereotyped as undesirable.

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