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Dating stackpole potentiometers

To measure the displacement of the body, this body, which is moving, is connected to the sliding element of the potentiometer.

As the body moves, the position of the slider located on the potentiometer also changes so the resistance between the fixed point and the slider changes.

Since these potentiometers work on the principle of resistance, they are also called as the resistive potentiometers.

Two terminals are connected to both ends of a resistive element, and the third terminal connects to a sliding contact, called a wiper, moving over the resistive element.

The most common form of potmeter is the single turn rotary potmeter.

This type of pot is often used in audio volume control (logarithmic taper) as well as many other applications.

The position of the wiper determines the output voltage of the potentiometer.

The potentiometer essentially functions as a variable voltage divider.

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The lower the length that can be recorded higher is the resolution of the potentiometer.

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