Dating someone who has bipolar disorder

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Dating someone who has bipolar disorder

I asked around to see if his behavior changed just to get me on a date.Everyone said that this was his true personality, so I ended up asking him out.Believe me, this social pressure is an incredibly difficult ship to navigate, because while a bipolar person is depressed, the things that they say resemble abuse.If a so-called mentally healthy person said the same things, it would be abuse.

He gave the same to everyone whether he was feeling well that day or not.If they came out healthy, they would have no excuses.Both of us are very driven, and we wanted our children to be inspired by us and be driven in life as well.His depressive state had caused him to use alcohol as a sort of self-medication.In many ways he was the most in need of help, but he always had the kindest words of encouragement for me and for others in the group.

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Bipolar disorder is described as a set of behaviors that fluctuate wildly without any external provocation.