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Boxed/Wide Width – We have added two new structure layouts that you can choose from.

A new Boxed Layout as well as a Full Width Layout gives you a more appealing way to display your dating site.

Once they answer the questions it will show up on their profile view so that other members can see them.

Live Video Chat/Instant Messenger – No more do you need a 3rd party solution for Live Video Chat. Credit Payments System – Now you can offer your members a way to buy Credits.

This new modern dating version is Fully Responsive.

This means that you have two option formats to choose from.

What you have to have is a niche that gets traffic and traffic equals members and members equals money. As a rule of thumb you want to charge less than the big guys so anything under dollars a month is good.

I would stick to the dollars a month and be sure to offer lifetime memberships because you’ll make more money since the life expectancy of a member is 3 months and if you charge 9 for lifetime membership then you statistically make more money.

If you like 4×4 trucks and mud, then that’s a great site to start.

Spread your niches out and combine 2 or 3 hobbies together for there are many people who do many different things.

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