Dating pregnancy after the pill

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” “When I saw those two little blue lines in the window I almost fainted,” Hannah said.“I had no idea how we’d cope and was dreading having to explain to people what had happened again when I was on the pill.” Hannah couldn’t take any more chances. She was telling me I was pregnant with three babies?!The problem is that the pill can sometimes mask fertility issues such as PCOS.This means that when you come off it and have difficulty conceiving, it appears that the pill was the problem, when the issue is likely to be something else.She went off the pill and switched to a contraceptive implant. ” “The triplets have more than doubled our family and we are looking to move to a four-bedroom house, as space is currently tight for a family of seven.That went well for a while, but eight years later she began to experience a few problems with it so she went back on the pill. I’ve also traded in my Mini for a seven-seater car – and I’ve well and truly given up on the pill,” Hannah said.“Before I had my son I was on Microgynon for donkey’s years.After the withdrawal bleed (a few days after stopping) my cycles went pretty much back to normal straight away (give or take a few days) and I conceived three months after stopping the pill. When I stopped taking it to TTC it took from November until January to get my periods back.” Almost certainly not.

If this continues and you’re concerned about it, make an appointment with your GP.

One of the signs you’re ovulating again is the return of your periods.

A period occurs naturally about 14 to 16 days after ovulation.

On average, it takes one to three months for the body to resume ovulation, although it can take longer.

The pill prevents ovulation by artificially regulating your body's hormones.

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The first time it happened she was just 18 years old, living in a one-bedroom apartment and wasn’t ready to start a family.