Dating others while in a long distance relationship

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Dating others while in a long distance relationship

Our conversations inherently deepened to include meaningful subjects, and I got to know my boyfriend in a way I might not have been able to had we lived closer together.A long-distance relationship cannot survive without intentionality, both with your time and purpose.It’s important to weave moments of connection into your schedule and coordinate times to talk — especially if you are time zones away. I would have never embarked on the thrill and sorrow of a long-distance relationship if I had thought there was no end in sight or no purpose to the pain caused by separation.You don’t date someone long distance because you think they’re cute, but because you are deeply committed to the relationship and could see this developing into something meaningful or life-long.Long-distance relationships are and always will be difficult.Negotiating distance, though, doesn’t necessarily spell doom for any couple, especially if you are committed to one another.

And the distance can benefit your relationship if it sharpens the focus of your discernment together — there’s no ambiguity when the cost is so high.I know this is not the case financially or logistically for everyone, but making a priority of reconnecting physically when possible is incredibly helpful for increasing your confidence in the relationship, building lasting memories, and continuing to deepen your sense of togetherness.There are, however, obvious drawbacks to dating long distance — such as not being able to see your partner whenever you feel like it. A study also found that those in LDRs tend to idealize the other.Because you are not living the nitty-gritty of life together, and because you only see each other sporadically, you may only be encountering the best of your significant other when you do see them.This is a difficult thing to surpass, but also something to be aware of. There were many days when I just wanted it to be over.

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Technology has enabled us to meet people outside of our physical proximity, which has vastly increased our dating potential.

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