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These dates are called – you guessed it – the Late Dates.Late Dates define the latest your activities can start and finish without extending the project finish date.The security-only bulletins are identified by bulletin IDs that end in "SG".For information on patch and update classification, see KB 2014447.

Early Dates the most optimistic start and finish dates for your project’s work activities. This time you start at the last activity in your network, and move backward assigning dates to each activity, until you reach the first activity in the network.

CPM Scheduling produces 3 distinct pieces of information: That’s some good stuff you’ll want to know about your project.

Primavera P6 uses the Critical Path Method to schedule work activities. As I mentioned, CPM Scheduling is a mathematical process and being so, it has a list of pre-requisites to meet before it can work it’s magic.

Pert Diagram courtesy Wikipedia Commons A PERT diagram uses arrows and nodes to model your project’s activities in a network – a series of activities linked to each other.

So how does the whole scheduling thing work, right?

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Yes, Primavera P6 does run all sorts of fancy algorithms when you hit F9 – but having at least a fundamental knowledge of how CPM Scheduling works is going to help you go far as a planner/scheduler.

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