Dating an ox

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Bull (or Ox) as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help!Bull or Ox teaches you how to bear hard burdens all with grace and poise.

Soon thereafter Poseidon punished Crete for Minos’ selfishness.

If in your Spirit Animal meditation Bull’s big eyes stare into your own, don’t be afraid. But when you need him, Ox will be there to help you move mountains. Ox or Bull as a Totem Animal is a rugged symbol of strength and sacrifice. However, when Bull reaches the boiling point, it’s best to stay as far away from them as possible.

Finally, the Ox or Bull Spirit Animal teaches teamwork. When faced with hard tasks, Ox provides endurance (remember the story of Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox? Bear in mind, however, that Ox energy will not allow procrastination. Ox or Bull totems also support applied learning, joint efforts and creating stable environments. The storm blows over quickly but it’s quite the maelstrom until Bull’s anger passes Often times our Totem Animal is already assigned to us at birth, as in the case of Zodiac Signs.

This gives Ox the ability to bridge between two worlds – that of sun and moon, and that of intuition and reason.

Nonetheless, the Ox has a very stubborn, fierce side that requires taming and guidance.

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When you call on Bull to be by your side, to support your Spirit, he obliges.

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