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Dating a taiwan coin

While most coins are read right-to-left, some need to be read left-to-right (counter-clockwise).

century coins are undated and depend on the ruling emperor of the time.

The date is indicated by the emperor's era name (using its Kanji symbols) followed by the year of the emperor's reign.

For example, 1989 was the first year for the current Heisei era (under Emperor Kinjo, or Akihito), so coins minted that year would contain the symbol for the Heisei era (平成) and the symbol for 1 (一). It begins with the symbols for the era name (see the list above), followed by the era year, and ends with the symbol for year (年).

Just for the Chinese numerals there is a Japanese section on here ... Surprised we don't have the Chinese converter on here yet. a member runs a site that has calendar converters, including Chinese ...

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