Dating a gibson melody maker

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Dating a gibson melody maker

Thanks to one of our readers (thanks Wes) the guitar’s history before it came into Gary’s hands is now known.

It previously belonged to Procol Harum guitarist Robin Trower, who appeared with the Les Paul on numerous occasions until 1970.

Gary Moore is most often associated with playing Gibson Les Paul guitars.

His main guitar in the early years was a 1959 Les Paul acquired from Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, which he owned for more than 40 years before selling it in 2006.

The guitar is pretty much stock, except for the neck pickup magnet which was reversed on one of the pickups – a feature now famously known as a “Peter Green mod”.

This was allegedly done accidentally in the Gibson factory when the guitar was first assembled in 1959, as was concluded by Jol Dantzig who had a chance to examine the guitar in the 80s.

[Skid Row (Gary Moore) – An Awful Lot Of Woman / Unco-Up Showband Blues – Live, 1971 (Remastered)] Based on few visual clues the guitar seems to be a modified early 50s goldtop.

The pickups are P90s with black plastic covers and a matching toggle switch cover, and the guitar is fitted with three 50s barrel knobs and one reflector knob.

People would say to me, “You got that special out-of-phase sound.” I don’t know what out-of-phase is. The out-of-phase sound is achieved by reversing the polarity of one of the magnets.Since 1979 Gary focused entirely on his solo career, during which he released a number of highly successful albums, including “Still Got The Blues” (1990) which became one of the fan’s favorites.He remained active until his untimely death in February 2011.But strangely enough, Joe Bonamassa recently acquired an original ’burst with the same condition![The Secret of Peter Green’s Tone, Jol Dantzig] Please not that Jol does not specify which pickup had the polarity reversed, neck or the bridge.

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He apparently got the idea from listening to Eric Clapton.

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