Dating a bipolar person

Posted by / 24-Mar-2020 08:21

When he left tonight, I started doing some research and I have to say I’m feeling devastated.

I don’t know if bad experiences are the first to come up in Google searches or if this is just the hardest thing ever.

For me I now have to worry if I will have to raise a bipolar child.

Heres another good site someone on her told me about where you will find a lot more peole there that are married or living with bipolars. People are going to be posting their bad experiences much more often than their good experiences. You should find out how your boyfriends past relationships went. My x never had any long term relationships and dated lots of women. I can tell you right off the bat that you shouldn't get worked up over some stuff you read on the internet.The guy I’ve been seeing recently told me he was diagnosed bipolar.I didn’t ask a lot of questions because I really didn’t know what to ask.[link removed] Hello, I have many bipolar friends and I used to work in a psych unit. There can be the occasional break or a neverending onslaught of drama and heartache. Do not jump into any serious commitments yet- but that is what you'd say to anyone who's been with someone only for a month. It is a good place to for information...when your dealing with something/someone in your heart its really up to you.From what jessika said, about his past, this is a good thing to look at because we are who we are because of the past...that doesn't mean the past follows...the past.

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