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It’s also a major red flag that the outlet isn’t able to provide the names of the models, the actress or the teacher who Pitt has supposedly been seeing. This latest article gives a very different account of events.

The one thing both reports have in common is that they’re totally made-up.

that the duo were "really intimate." "So Dat Brat was out & about in Vegas with her undercover lover. FIXERS, what do you think of Da Brat dating Laurieann Gibson?!

Brat was rockin great make up, we all had a great time & Brat made sure that she was in the VIP’s VERY back corner so she and her girl could get reallllllly intimate.

Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story, which claims the movie star is dating two models, an actress and one of his kids’ teachers. “Brad’s Playing The Field” reads a headline in the latest issue of .

Lisa Raye was often referred to as the “First Lady.” The couple divorced in 2008 and Misick resigned from the political position in 2009 due to corruption.

Murphy initially attempted to downplay the photos of her and Fuqua by saying they are “just family friends” and were simply exchanging “a friendly hello” while in Italy. ” Brat asked while discussing the situation during Dish Nation. ” With Lisa Raye, Da Brat, and others coming after for behavior, Murphy released a statement today (Jul.

Rockaria has some suitably operatic flourishes, while the overblown 10538 Overture was the template for Oasis’s Be Here Now.

Lynne is more of a craftsman than he is a showman, but it’s hard to resist the melodic sweep of Mr Blue Sky, Xanadu and the Traveling Wilburys’ Handle With Care.

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The suspicious insider adds, “And get this – he’s gone on a few dates with one of his kids’ teachers.” From there, the seemingly nonexistent “source” says Pitt is trying to keep his romances quiet because Angelina Jolie “would go through the roof if she knew.” As for how he navigates his “secret dates,” the alleged tipster says the actor “picks up his ladies on his motorcycle, which they love, and has wined and dined them at friends’ restaurants where he can enter through a back door.” The so-called “insider” further contends that Pitt isn’t ready to settle down with any of the four women he’s supposedly dating, but is “being upfront and telling them straight-up that he just wants to enjoy himself.” The untrustworthy tabloid then arbitrarily drags Jennifer Aniston into the narrative by claiming Pitt had also rekindled a romance with his ex-wife, but “he’s been honest with her about seeing other people,” and “she’s fine with it.” This entire storyline has more in common with a soap opera than it does with reality.

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