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Whether you’re looking for love or just a good time with some great people, try a Lock and Key Event.

It’s better than sitting behind the computer to find your match. You may just meet the true love of your life.“With Lock and Key events, you can talk in person, read body language and can immediately tell if there is chemistry or not without having to email or chat back and forth a bunch of times,” Reich says.

The go-to local matchmaker hosts regular Lock and Key parties that offer a space for matching that is as straightforward as it is creative.

Upon arrival, women attendees get padlocks and men get keys.

Each time their hardware matches, it’s turned in for a new set of hardware and each person gets another raffle ticket for great prizes donated by local businesses…or maybe even a date?

Judging from the popularity of the events (attendance has doubled at each new gathreing) this formula for love seems to be working.

With these necklaces, someone now has a legitimate reason to approach someone else. It’s a fun game, but trying out someone’s lock/key is just a simple way to break the ice. Yeah, I was skeptical too until I experienced it myself.

No awkward hellos here so the conversation can just flow (and love can begin! Did I also mention the numerous, successful relationships and weddings that all began from a single Lock and Key event.

So says a Harris public opinion poll that cited in awarding us sixth place in that category.

So we consulted with some dating experts and single people who are here in Orlando for a few firsthand observations and options from the front.

The latest face-to-face dating service fad to turn up in Orlando: Lock and Key Events (

We dropped the ball elsewhere, however, and wound up sneaking into the roster at a modest 27th overall.

But these stories are generally cobbled together out of statistics and polls compiled and analyzed by journalists who never set foot in the towns they’re writing about.

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Attendees will attempt to match the locks and keys.