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Crescendo dating sim

I hope I've helped you, Dude Girl, in understanding the logical flaw in your statement. I'm not saying it's 50/50, but to say NG is male-centric is totally off-base.You're the only one who can take action to serve your whims, as is true with most people. Maybe I'd sound like less of an asshole if you knew me in person : P-Sonic Eclipse- (Check out my music @ Sonic Eclipse ;) ) It is unfair. if I COULD make a dating sim fairly easily, I would make one for Dudegirl and all the other girls feeling neglected about not having any female-centric dating sims to play... NG is action/violence/sex/humour-centric, when it comes to the majority of flash submitted here, and there are plenty of girls interested in that. Newgrounds wasn't created so as many females join as possible.It's up to them, not the guys who like it fine the way it is. It's not hard to d/l flash and start trying out different game creators etc. It's kind of a silly argument if you think about it.If I had the skill to make a sim-dating game for straight girls i would. Quite frankly though, I don't see the point in making a game that few people would play, whereas way more people play the boys versions of dating sims. Whoops, I'm off topic and the topic is to stray off topic, so here goes: listen to my music it's worth your time.In a way I think some people worry about sterotypes to much, when even considering such a game. NO THEY ARE FUCKING HORNY AND NEED TO JACK OFF TO SOMTHING VIA THEIR PAINTING I think you're going into a bit of a paradox.You do have to be Einstein or some other genius to figure this out, I mean look at it this way and please read the whole thing:-straight guys don't want to make sim date games based on scoring with a guy-only straight girls and rarer gay guys would make said game-if only 0.01% people on Newgrounds are able to write the code for the game, think about how little girls/gay guys are able to if less than half of Newgrounds users fall into those categories Who are you addressing your "complaint" to?Don't start whinging because no-one wants to spend weeks making a Flash to suit your needs Well I'm never going to be upset if one is not made. You think most guys are gonna do that, unless being laid is your offer, cause flash progammers must go for months at a time with it, no sane, straghit, guy is gonna make one for you, so make one yourself it is that simple it isnt unfair, we put are horny energies into creative projects.

Newgrounds wasn't created so as many females join as possible.

But no, NG isn't out there advertising itself to females on female-centric websites or anything. Either way, I gotta agree with all the people that feel like locking this post.

If women want to change NG at all, they have to come and join up and change the demographics. Just like Dude Girl's arguments, it goes in circles (no offense, but I had a laugh reading what she wrote).

I think that there are plenty of flashes in the portal that many female users enjoy, and if more females who've never been to NG, or came here once and got turned off by the violence or sex-talk on the BBS or who knows what else...

if they'd seen some of these flashes or known about them, they might have been more likely to come and signup and stay around as a NG member and view flash and maybe even contribute flash. I think you'll notice all of Eurasia is sex-crazed and "The United States is a country formed by prudes" (Eurotrip, good movie).

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