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However, you can't avoid the logistics of signing and negotiating contracts.Nothing is unethical or illegal about backdating contracts, but the specific situation can be illegal and unethical in itself.Many jurisdictions allow an earlier contract effective date than the one that's signed, but it's not always advisable.

This is true when there's a complex deal that has multiple documents and the retroactive date is a few months behind.Usually it would be the signing date, since an earlier date would mean the business is subjected to the confidentiality obligation before they even had the chance to advise their representatives it was subject to the obligation.Backdating documents violates United States tax laws in the following situations: Other jurisdiction laws are similar. As a consequence, the option is immediately profitable, or “in the money,” to the option holder. All stemming from the practice known as “options backdating.” Options backdating occurs when a company issues stock options on one date, but reports in its financials an earlier issue date to create a “strike” or exercise price equal to the earlier date’s lower price.

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Backdating documents occurs for several different reasons.

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