Co creation of identity and trust in online dating

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Putting the right person front and center in your brand is crucial to making sure your target audience interprets your message in the right way.

Let’s have a look at one of the most successful brand personality campaigns of the nineties, and what made it work so well. If you do, you’re not alone – 58% of the population of the US can identify him as Sonic the Hedgehog, and 20% of the population consider him to be one of their favorite characters.

This is particularly common for fast food chains, who opt to include mascots that customers can learn to identify.

The goal of creating a brand personality is creating an identity for your customers to interact with.

Your brand personality shouldn’t be a stereotype of your customers, but people who buy your products should be able to see themselves – or what they aspire to be – in the face of your company.

The point of giving your brand a personality is turning it into an identifiable, relatable entity that people can see as human.

The brand personality he brought to Sega was so powerful that for a time the company overtook its main competitor to become the leading manufacturer and publisher of home console video games in the United States, and one of the most respected brands around the world.

There are plenty of brands which thrive through inventing an identity, or otherwise embellishing the story of an individual to help build up a sense of identity for their company.

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Cartoon characters don’t work for every business, and in the modern era they’re less successful at drawing interest towards a brand.

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