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Their first album, released in 2016, was well received by BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4 and BBC 6 Music and they’ve been building momentum ever since.“There’s this myth around the pop/indie music scene that you have to make it in the first year or two and if you don’t it’s because you don’t have anything to offer,” Rasle says. Once I sorted that [tuning issues] out, I discovered I had a lot of range.” is out 6 December.

Despite the title, this is not a book telling teens not to date.

Have you ever found yourself attracted to a non Christian?

Someone who is living out a different belief system, or isn’t spiritually in tune with where you’re at with your faith?

Today’s episode answers a question from Sarah from Boston who is wondering what to do when you’re attracted to someone who is not a Christian.

How do you proceed with the friendship, or the relationship, without compromising your own faith?

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