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Thank you for making A Wing such a lively and lovable place to live. To A wing Juniors: Gowri, Rachel, Lauren, Katya, Lola, Bella, Nicole, and Michelle.I’m not gonna lie, junior year is going to be rough, but I believe you guys will 100% succeed! I will you guys the confidence and leadership of A Wing!Don’t get hung up on the things you don’t like (your internship for example), and your senior year will be amazing.To Moksh Shah, just as you came into our room and gave us an infinite amount of crust, I will you a soph who will do the same for you.

You’re such an amazing person, and I hope you’ll surround yourself with people who realize that~To Ian and Jodie, my LEAD Co-s this year, I will you guys partners next year who are just as passionate and hardworking as you have been, and great classes of engaging students.It’s been an honor to be your senior co, and I’ve learned so much about myself from the experience.Jodie, you’ve grown so much from our first module together to our last, and it’s amazing how well you hold students’ attention!Enjoy your last year at IMSA, and make the most of your time with this wonderful community.To Zayn Ramdass, I will you a teddy bear that will give you nice warm hugs while I’m away.

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(You would be holding a dictionary if they had been printed.) Senior Wills are only stored online, and can be found below.

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