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Be in the the play load tell me if I'm reading too much into this statement but when I read what Jed York said yesterday the things they catch me are.The definition of insanity to want something over and over and over again expect in the same results.I must say truer in the fact is I listened to lynch on the broadcast it in the you know I learned a lot every time low everytime he was on in he talked football.

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And I think the niners need this shot in the arm I'm excited about the head coach.

To make you know right decisions being able to judge talent.

Raider fans have to really look at TO look at look at what Randy Moss did when he was here his body work he would play when he wants to play some Thais would even hardly play.

The guys dive back into the Super Bowl as Lo Neal is back in-studio and get his reaction to the Patriots thrilling comeback as well as break down the 2017 NFL HOF class and if they made a mistake with Terrell Owens.

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They also got into the Le Bron James vs Frank Isola story about Carmelo for Kevin Love.