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Use the numbers 1 to 9 after FF to specify the number of digits in the fractional second portion of the datetime value returned.If you do not specify a digit, then Oracle Database uses the precision specified for the datetime datatype or the datatype's default precision.Valid in timestamp and interval formats, but not in Daylight savings information.The TZD value is an abbreviated time zone string with daylight saving information.For such formats, you can specify the characters returned by these format elements implicitly using the initialization parameter All number format models cause the number to be rounded to the specified number of significant digits.If a value has more significant digits to the left of the decimal place than are specified in the format, then pound signs (#) replace the value.

is a character literal that describes the format of datetime or numeric data stored in a character string.

Returns negative value with a trailing minus sign (-).

Returns positive value with a trailing plus sign ( ).

The text minimum number format model returns (in decimal output) the smallest number of characters possible. The default is TM9, which returns the number in fixed notation unless the output exceeds 64 characters.

If the output exceeds 64 characters, then Oracle Database automatically returns the number in scientific notation.

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The following statement does not return an error: Oracle calculates the values returned by the datetime format elements IYYY, IYY, IY, I, and IW according to the ISO standard.

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