Centralab pot dating

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Centralab pot dating

Unless it's cleaned off really well the pot could not work right. One thing with buying old pots is to get a can of Caig Deoxit D-5 "contact restorer". when (what years) did the quality of Centralabs start going downhill, and what is the correct taper for Les Pauls?

Because the price is so much lower for the early 60ies Centralabs.

I have 2 vol pots that require me to use thumb and finger to turn. Given how much we'll pay for good PAF repro's I'm surprised no one has looked seriously into proper pot repros. As someone said to me once on here (may have been Big Al), "once you've heard the difference, you can't unhear it". The upfront investment required to create pots that may only sell in limited numbers (to the geekiest guitar nuts) likely means the price of each pot would be ridiculous. Ridiculous for a piece of non-functional plastic.) I don't have the details, but rest assured, if this was easy to solve financially, someone probably would have done it.

The experience is night and day, in terms of sound and functionality. I agree, but searching the net I see 50 year old crusty harnesses for sale for 0.

It was the pre-Reverb days and I would buy pots and/or harness made between 1954-1963. I bought a 1961 250k Centralabs yesterday for .00 I have it going into a Firebird I for the Tone control.

*Gibson used 250k's for Tone on a single pickup guitar.

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As to the Centralabs, I have since found out that one of the secrets to their tone and why they have generally lasted so long is because the carbon track has a percentage of lead added in.