Carlos xuma dating black book review rockhampton singles dating

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Carlos xuma dating black book review

The Dating Black Book isn’t all that innovative–most of the advice has already been taught by other experts in one form or another.

But what makes it a good option for the beginner is that it filters out all the bullshit and includes only the good stuff.

The next section covers what Carlos calls the “Internal Game.” It goes over the common traits that kill attraction such as clingy/needy behavior, trying too hard, bragging/loud mouthing, and insensitivity, and gives you strategies on how to fix these behaviors.

After the basics of inner game, you learn outer game, or “External Game.” Topics include image, fashion, appearance, body language, how you present yourself, your car, and your home.

Word-for-word conversation examples make the techniques easy to implement.

It also teaches you the more important aspects of game such as confidence and motivation.

Carlos Xuma provides a solid foundation of communication skills and how it relates to the psychology of attraction.

The first section, “Understanding Relationships,” gives you the foundation of attraction and how it really works.

The author asks you to determine your goals: What do you want to get out of this book?

If you’re serious about making this book work for you, then you have to be willing to put in the effort.

You’ll also learn about common relationship myths and why most guys will never be successful with women and dating.

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I’m holding the physical copy in my hands right now--a whopping 470 pages of dating advice, psychology, philosophy, and seduction.